You need these skills to impress legal recruiters (and their clients)

legal recuiters

Legal recruiters have a tough job, sorting through applicants and deciding who gets to move on to the interview stage. You make an initial impression with your resume, listing your skills and more positive attributes. These are the skills that make you look good on paper.


  • Observant

It’s the little details that matter, ones that legal assistants and paralegals must pick up on. When documents pass through your hands at a firm, the court, or barrister’s chambers, one of your jobs is to proofread. You’ll also have to make sure the right documents are attached to anything getting sent out.


  • Team player

Clients rely on their lawyer to be on their team, and lawyers expect their staff to do the same. As much as you’ll want to take on tasks alone and prove yourself, it’s not worth alienating the people you work with. Legal recruiters look for candidates who can work alone, but thrive in a team environment.


  • Tech knowledge

Legal assistants and paralegals spend the bulk of their time on the computer. They conduct research, draft and file paperwork and handle the lawyer’s diary. Legal recruiters are impressed with candidates who have decent technical skill and can handle the specialised software the law firm uses.


  • Efficient at filing

The legal process includes lots of organising, drafting, and filing. Court processes rely on filings to get cases moving, from lawsuits to subpoenas.

Legal assistants and paralegals are expected to file items on paper and electronically. They learn these basic skills during their course, but work experience is helpful to refine them. Legal recruiters like skills that candidates have used in the real world.


  • Organised

Legal assistants will find themselves working for more than one lawyer unless they’re hired as a PA. Legal recruiters will look for candidates who can manage the workloads of multiple attorneys and prioritise tasks on the fly.


Legal recruiters have the difficult task of finding the right person for the right job. To stand out, make sure you highlight the above skills. If you have work experience, list that too. It’ll make their job easier, and get you one step closer to properly starting your career.


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