Pathways of students studying a diploma of law online

diploma of law online

There’s no ‘right’ age to learn something new. Those who study a diploma of law online do so because they want to start a new career, or advance in the one they’re already in.  There’s a lot of different pathways through the legal sector, many of them travelled by Melissa Mahoney Legal College students.


  • Into the workforce

Not all students go from high school to university; it’s not for them at that moment in time. Year 12 students or school leavers can choose to complete their diploma of law online and take on some work experience. They’re given a year to complete the Certificate IV or Diploma of Legal Services, but most will finish before that time. When the course is complete, students often find themselves working in an executive assistant or paralegal position.


  • Into university

School leavers won’t have their senior school certificate if they didn’t complete grade 12, often they went straight to work. Studying a diploma of law online acts as a bridge to get them into a law degree. The diploma satisfies prerequisites as well as teaching students basic yet essential skills they’ll need in the office (and their classes).


  • Into a promotion

Nobody wants to be in the same position forever. You know you’re made for that executive position, so why not go after it? People already working in the legal sector, usually as assistants, study a diploma of law online. After finishing the course, they move on to an executive or paralegal position. As a paralegal, you can go with the lawyers to court and handle items of evidence. The position comes with more responsibility, though this isn’t a problem if you’ve been working as an assistant for several years.


There’s numerous pathways after completing a Certificate IV or Diploma of Legal Services.

The average person will change jobs at least five times in their life. More people are enrolling in vocational training courses instead of university. Students enrol in a diploma of law online because their plans don’t involve university for the moment, or they’re ready to take their career to the next level.


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