BSB40620 Certificate IV in Legal Services

GET QUALIFIED | Just $312.50 per month over 12 months
(Total Course Cost: $3,750.00)


$312.50 per month




Course Specifics


How much does this course cost?
$3,750.00 ($312.50 per month over 12 monthly payments) 

How do I pay for this course?
Upon enrolment $312.50 is payable to commence course and access course content. 11 subsequent payments of $312.50 are payable each month from months 2-12 via direct debit/credit.

Is there Government funding for this course?
No Government funding is available for this course.
This course is also approved for Centrelink student payments (which may apply to you – if you are a Centrelink recipient you will need to make contact with them regarding this).

When can I start this course?
You can enrol and start this course at any time. There are no course intake dates.

How is this course delivered? Is it on-line?
This course is offered as external/distance, on-line study via our student portal / learning management system. We only offer our courses on-line.

How long do I have to complete this course?
You have up to 12 months to complete this qualification.

Can I complete this course sooner than the 12 month timeframe?
Yes, as this course is ‘competency based’ you are able to work through your course material at your own pace. Provided you are marked ‘competent’ for your assessment submissions, you can complete this course earlier than 12 months. Should you finalise your studies earlier than the 12 month timeframe, you are required to fully pay for your course to be issued with your certificate and academic transcript.

Are there any pre-requisite requirements for this course?
There are no pre-requisites required to undertake this qualification.

What will I need to complete this course?
It is essential that you have dedicated internet access as well as Microsoft Word (or similar word processing software) to complete your studies.

What units of competency are in this course?
To successfully complete and obtain this qualification, a student is required to complete 10 units of competency. These are:

BSBLEG314Protect information in a legal services environment
BSBLEG421Apply understanding of the Australian legal system
BSBLEG423Conduct simple legal research
BSBLEG424Support the drafting of complex legal documents
BSBXCM401Apply communication strategies in the workplace
BSBLEG422Maintain a file in a legal services environment
BSBLEG522Apply legal principles in contract law matters
BSBLEG523Apply legal principles in tort law matters
BSBLEG524Apply principles of evidence law in matters under litigation
BSBTWK401Build and maintain business relationships

This course is approved for Centrelink student payments

**Refer to Student Handbook and online Terms and Conditions for full details.
In extenuating circumstances, MMLC will consider extensions for study for private students, however this is at the discretion of the CEO (up to 3 months). Under traineeship arrangements, extensions for training contract terms are not the responsibility of MMLC. Requests for extensions need to be made direct with the relevant government department.