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Who Are Our Paralegal Courses For?

Are You An Ideal Student?

Are you a recent school-leaver looking for a traineeship opportunity within a law firm?
Are you looking to change careers and secure a role within the legal sector?
Have you always had a desire to work in the exciting world of law?
Do you have legal experience, but long to have your skills and knowledge recognised?
Are you looking for a promotion to a higher level legal role?
Are you returning to the workforce and need to boost your knowledge and confidence through completing a legal administration/services qualification?

If you’ve answered YES to any of the above questions, then you’ve come to the right place! We are here to help you achieve your goal and reach your potential. Call us today if you need to determine which course is right for you or ask any questions about how Melissa Mahoney Legal College is the ONLY choice for completing a legal administration/services qualification.

Likely Career Opportunities

Would you like to be a highly sought-after Personal Assistant like Donna or a go-to, ever-reliable Paralegal, like Rachel Zane from Suits?
There are so many career outcomes available including:
Receptionist, Legal Assistant/Secretary, Paralegal, Personal Assistant, Librarian, Trust/Accounts Clerk, Research Clerk, Mail Clerk, Archives Clerk
And so many areas of law that you could potentially work in:
Corporate, Property, Commercial, Family, Criminal/Prosecutions, Banking and Finance, Wills and Estates, Litigation.

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How is MM Legal different to others?

Let me paint this picture – think of joining a gym and every time you go to do a workout, your own personal trainer is there to guide and support you, or every time you need assistance with a question about your health/workout, you can make contact with that same person every time.
Well, studying with Melissa Mahoney Legal College is just like this! As the owner/operator, Melissa is hands-on and she is the person who will be in regular contact with you throughout your studies. She is the person who will be there to answer your questions, mark your assessments and provide you feedback. You may not always need to ask questions or make contact, however the support is there for you as and when you need it.

Meet Melissa...

Melissa MahoneyHaving worked in the recruitment industry since 1997 and launching Melissa Mahoney Recruitment in 2004, Melissa identified a need for dedicated training within the legal industry. Melissa Mahoney Legal College was established as a Registered Training Organisation in September 2006. The college offers quality, online and external training specifically focused on the legal secretarial / paralegal market.

Melissa is passionate about assisting others to achieve the recognition they deserve. She finds great satisfaction in providing assistance with training, and helping others achieve their qualifications, ultimately reaching their career goals. Melissa is well qualified and experienced in assisting others with career advice and facilitating career change.