Real-life essentials for an online course

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Doing an online course takes discipline and it helps when you have the right tools in the real world to help you along. Of course you get course materials before you officially start, but they’re mostly online. Adding the below items and systems to your repertoire will help you stay focused.


Note software and aggregate feeds

When doing research, you’ll come across lots of information and not all of it’s relevant…or easily stored. Get a free Chrome extension or app like Evernote to save the articles you come across for later use. Evernote is like a cloud system that lets you tag, save, and organise anything on the web.

Aggregate feeds are popular tools for marketers, but they’re useful for everyone. You can follow keywords, blogs, and websites you’re interested in and tools like Feedly put them all in one place. Plus, it’s updated daily.


Lots of stationery

How else are you going to take real-life notes? This, if nothing else, is a great excuse to stop by Officeworks or Kikki K to buy some essential materials for your online course. Writing down real-life notes helps with review for assessment, plus some students use it to process information easier. Writing things down in your own words and having them easily accessible is old-school, but convenient.


All your chargers

Your online course requires you to have access to a computer and emails. Your laptop’s battery doesn’t last forever, so make sure you always have a charger with you. Students and everyday workers sometimes have two or three. This way there’s one at home, one in the office, and one as a backup.

This also goes for your phone charger. For most, their phone is their lifeline and they feel lost when the battery dies. Plus, it’s just plain inconvenient.



Don’t disturb everyone else with the soundtrack from your course! They’re also great for helping you focus on the task at hand. Just put them on and shut out all the noise around you. Plus, you’ll look pretty cool wearing them.

Beats by Dre from OfficeWorks


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