Ways of Sticking To Your Online Course

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It’s difficult to find the motivation to study in the real world. In the self-paced online one, it’s a bit harder. Courses are advertised with the promise that students can “study on their own time” during a set period. This can set up some to fail, as they lag behind and the work piles up. Here are some ways to make sure you stay on track.

Put the course dashboard in the favourites bar
Online courses are easily accessible, even more so when you add it to your favourites bar. This also puts it in plain sight as a reminder to hit the books (or the computer screen).

Have your calendar in plain view
People write down meetings as a reminder, so why not apply the same to online learning? When you make time to study, write it down in a calendar or planner where you know you’ll see it. Another way to set up a reminder is on your device. Set up an alert that sends a buzz an hour or ten minutes before you’re meant to start studying.

Designate time
Yes, you have a job but you’re doing this online course for a reason. You make the time, otherwise how else is it going to get done?

The best time to study is after work or on the weekend. This is another reason to have a calendar. Scheduling your training around work is easier once you see it on paper.

Find a study spot
Instead of “this is my happy place”, find a spot and make it your study space. It can be anywhere, from your dining room table to a desk at the library. Find a spot that’s quiet, has a good Wi-Fi connection and some space to spread out your books, laptop and pens.

In self-paced study, there’s a danger of falling behind due to lack of motivation or the student thinking “I don’t have the time right now, maybe later.” Tagging the course dashboard as a favourite and putting study time in your calendar are some methods that help you stick to your online course.


Melissa-MahoneyHaving worked in the recruitment industry since 1997 and launching Melissa Mahoney Recruitment in 2004, Melissa identified a need for dedicated training within the legal industry. Melissa Mahoney Legal College was established as a Registered Training Organisation in September 2006. The college offers quality, online and external training specifically focused on the legal secretarial / paralegal market.

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Mm legal college
Mm legal college