I want a job in law to make a difference

I want a job


I want a job is a common exclamation, and there’s many ways to end this sentence.

I want a job:

  • That makes a lot of money
  • That will take me around the world
  • Because I don’t like not working
  • That makes a difference

These reasons can get thrown around in the legal field, but for some it’s the last point that hits home. On the television, you’re bombarded with news about social injustice, crime, and the need for action. And it inspires some to say ‘I want a job in legal’.

It’s all well and good to say though, people forget they must help themselves before they try to start making any difference. The first step is getting educated, and it will show your commitment if you really want a job. The minimum qualification needed to work in a law office is a Cert III in Business Admin (Legal) and it’s all up from there. Having this in hand at least qualifies you to work as a legal assistant.

How can you make a difference as a legal assistant? Admittedly, nothing spectacular. As an assistant, you’re helping the lawyer or the whole office, not a particular client or cause. Once you advance as a paralegal, you’re in more of a position to change a few lives. Firms like McInnes Wilson value social causes and encourage their employees to do some pro-bono work. Legal Aid Queensland also has some advice for those that want to help.

Pro bono work benefits the disadvantaged and low-income demographics who can’t afford to pay full legal costs. Government bodies, charities and the like advertise regular legal support for a set time per month. When you earn your certificate or diploma you can walk into an interview and say:

I want a job that makes a difference to…

  • The homeless
  • Victims of violence
  • Refugees