Surefire ways to work and study online successfully at the same time


Some students who enrol to study online already have a job. They might already be an admin assistant looking to move up in the workplace, or wanting to change jobs altogether. But before you even enrol, a question might go through your head, along the lines of:

‘How do I balance work and study?’

It’s a challenge

No doubt. When you’re already in full-time work, the idea of taking on something extra is overwhelming. But there’s some things you can do to put everything in perspective.


  • Question yourself

Why are you doing this course in the first place? A promotion? A change in career? Do you want to do something more in your life?

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Before you commit, ask yourself all of these questions. You need the motivation to complete an online course because you’ll be dependent on yourself. The online study is self-driven, meaning you can take things as slowly or as fast as you need. You have a year to complete everything and pass.


  • Get some support

If you’re already in the legal field, approach your bosses about getting some support when you undertake the course. This can be anything from financial assistance to allocating a few hours each week to your studies. Full-time students dedicate between 8-12 hours per week.

You have more support than you realise

Getting aid from the powers that be at work will help your progress immensely, especially if they understand the endgame also benefits them. Employers like staff with a strong skillset. There’s no guarantee that they’ll say yes, but it’s better to ask than to wonder. It helps your case if you:

  • Have worked for the company for more than a year
  • Are known for your strong work ethic and getting results
  • Provide evidence that further education will benefit both you and them


  • Get in the groove

Work during the day, study after hours? Study after dinner? Stay an extra hour at the office to complete your course?

Find a routine where you can work and study without too much disruption to your job. Of course you want to succeed at your online course but it’s not worth creating angst at the workplace. Good planning and management are vital for juggling your responsibilities. Write it down if you have to. This at least gives you the chance to invest in new stationary!


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