Mistakes to avoid during your legal administration course

legal administration course mistakes

A legal administration course is your chance to change careers or start your first one right out of school. It’s natural to feel excited and apprehensive, but sometimes those emotions can cloud your decisions. This point, and the others listed below, are what you must be mindful of if you want to succeed in your course.


  • You think you know everything

It’s natural to think you know a thing or two, but everyone needs help. You’re taking a legal administration course because you want to learn, not to prove that you’re the best. You can certainly try your best and get an excellent grade.

Legal assistants will learn plenty on the job as well. Don’t feel afraid to ask questions; jump at the chance. You’ll move up the career ladder faster than those who don’t.


  • Overexcited, underperforming

At the beginning, you’re so excited and you can’t wait to get started! And then? Life happens. People fail courses in general for any number of reasons: lack of time, interest, or knowledge.

When you enrol in a legal administration course, you’re taking on a 12 month commitment. You can access the student portal with Melissa Mahoney Legal College at any time, no matter where you are. If you have a computer and an internet connection, you can study. You’re also making a financial investment; get your value for money by doing the best you can.


  • You’re having doubts

It’s important to confront these doubts before you start the course, otherwise you’ve wasted time. If you’re not sure legal is the path for you, email Melissa and ask for more information about the courses and do some research of your own.

Just because it’s a legal course doesn’t mean you’ll get locked behind the doors of a law firm. Students with transferrable skills can go back to the area of their former career. Those who worked in finance can find a job in banks, and those with health care backgrounds  have the option to work for a hospital’s legal department. The sector is broad and there’s plenty of opportunities.


  • Not looking for work

What happens when you finish your legal administration course? You go to work. Those who are upskilling and working at a law firm already don’t have this problem. Others will say they’re busy, and that’s fine. But law is fast-paced and doesn’t wait. Someone else could get your dream job if you don’t stay on top of the job search or look for work experience.


Melissa-MahoneyHaving worked in the recruitment industry since 1997 and launching Melissa Mahoney Recruitment in 2004, Melissa identified a need for dedicated training within the legal industry. Melissa Mahoney Legal College was established as a Registered Training Organisation in September 2006. The college offers quality, online and external training specifically focused on the legal secretarial / paralegal market.

Melissa is passionate about assisting others to achieve the recognition they deserve. She finds great satisfaction in providing assistance with training, and helping others achieve their qualifications, ultimately reaching their career goals. Melissa is well qualified and experienced in assisting others with career advice and facilitating career change.

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