Finding a Legal Traineeship


Starting from the bottom means getting your foot in the door, and chances are a couple of hundred other prospective trainees have the same idea. Law is a competitive field no matter the level you’re on. There are some steps you can take, though, to get that legal traineeship before everyone else.

School/TAFE/College contacts

Most trainees come from high school. They want to find pathways that don’t always include university and they’ll often go straight from graduation to full-time work. Some schools might have partnerships or contacts with various industries, including law.

TAFEs and small boutique colleges will offer advice on how to find a traineeship. They don’t necessarily have an agreement with any partners to place students in their offices. Senior staff in colleges will, however, have contacts thanks to their experience. They might know someone or some place that offers legal but don’t always advertise it.

Job boards

Online or on a corkboard, major firms and small boutique practices might advertise if there are placement chances around. Schools with a careers department or an extensive extracurricular program might have notices on boards for students to read. They could even get advertised in the newsletter.

Of course you can go directly to the source and visit the websites of various law practices. However, they might not post availabilities until late and then they’ll get flooded with applications. This brings us to the next point.

Pound the pavement

Get some Dutch courage and reach out to the firms you can see yourself working for. Going to their offices shows initiative. This impresses potential bosses. Of course you have to get past the receptionist, but striking up a dialog and being personable will make sure that you’re remembered.
Finding a legal traineeship isn’t easy, but there are ways to find one if you have the initiative. Talk to the careers counsellor at school, one of the senior staff at the college you attend and read some public notices. If you feel brave, walk into the law offices like you own the place. What better way to get your foot in the door than walking through it?


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