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Law College

‘Law college Sydney’, ‘Law college Melbourne’, ‘Law college Brisbane’; there’s few institutes that can cater to students Australia-wide. Even when students do find a certified provider, the options aren’t known for their flexibility.

Off-campus, online

When you type in search terms, like ‘law college Sydney’, Google comes back with results local to the Sydney area. They might be local, but, there’s a possibility the results still won’t suit you. Lots of TAFEs and other providers require students to come on campus at least once a week.

This doesn’t suit everyone. This is because students studying these courses might work full-time or have other commitments. A law college that can give students online access to their courses, no matter the time, is a better option.

Smaller is better

College and TAFE campuses host hundreds or thousands of students every week, depending on their size and class options. Students are assigned a number, are expected to turn up to classes, and rarely make a connection with their tutors. Melissa Mahoney Legal College is a boutique provider. This means it’s small, personalised, and though students do get assigned a number, they get the attention they need.

Brisbane-based, Australia-wide reach

Melissa Mahoney caters to students all over Australia.  No matter if you’re looking for ‘law college Sydney’ or ‘law college Melbourne’ or even ‘law college Coober Pedy’ This college gives you access to your course because it’s based online. As said before, most institutes require their students to come in once per week. Melissa Mahoney is a rare provider based exclusively online.

Even though the college is web-based, the person running it cares about her students and their performance. Melissa makes time to grade work herself and mail credentials once the courses are complete. If the student lives in Brisbane, she goes to deliver the awards in person!  

Next time you type ‘law college (city name)’ into Google, look for Melissa Mahoney. Her college is small but wide-reaching, helping aspiring legal assistants and paralegals take that next step.

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