Isabella Berti completes Diploma of Legal Services

Isabella Berti1

Isabella Berti from Western Australia enrolled in the Diploma of Legal Services in July 2019. Isabella completed this qualification in just over 9 months and was awarded her completion certificate on 30 April, 2020.

Isabella was happy to provide us with the following feedback in relation to having completed this qualification with Melissa Mahoney Legal College.

“The Diploma was extremely interesting and well organised. I must say I was very impressed with the course and its structure, the content was easy to understand and presented in a clear and practical way. I find the examples, text extracts and activities in the Workbook enrich and complete the theory. The assessment structure was great and consistent, the requests were easy to understand and followed a logical order. Feedback provided was awesome. The fact that there was an actual comment rather than just a mark helped to keep me motivated and the comments were always constructive. Further, feedback was received within a very short time from submission which was another very positive aspect. This is my third Diploma level qualification (AQF) completed in Australia and it has definitely been the best one in my opinion, from every aspect. I have really enjoyed completing this Diploma. I am very happy with my decision to enrol in the course and my expectations have definitely been exceeded.”

Thank you so much for providing us with this fabulous feedback, Isabella and once again, congratulations on your wonderful achievement.