BSB42215 Certificate IV in Legal Services

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Bsb42215 certificate iv in legal services
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Bsb42215 certificate iv in legal services
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Bsb42215 certificate iv in legal services
Course Specifics
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BSB42215 Certificate IV in Legal Services


Course Costs & Payment:
Total cost of full qualification = $3,240.00
Cost to Enrol: $270.00 (this portion of the total course cost is paid upon enrolment and provides access to the learning management system and all modules). A payment of $270.00 per month for months 2-12 is required via direct debit/credit.

Course Dates & Timeframe:
Offered as external/distance, on-line study
Enrol and commence this course at any time
Up to 12 months to complete this qualification

Course Pre-Requisite:
There are no pre-requisites required to undertake this qualification.

Course Requirements:
To achieve a Certificate IV in Legal Services (BSB42215) a total of 12 units of competency must be completed. Students must complete 8 core subjects and the 4 elective subjects.

BSBLEG418Produce complex legal documents
BSBLEG413Identify and apply the legal framework
BSBCOM406Conduct work within a compliance framework
BSBCMM402Implement effective communication strategies
BSBLEG414Establish and maintain a file in legal services
BSBRES404Research legal information using primary sources
BSBLEG415Apply the principles of contract law
BSBLEG416Apply the principles of the law of torts
BSBLEG403Maintain trust accounts
BSBLEG417Apply the principles of evidence law
BSBSUS401Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices
BSBLEG510Apply legal principles in family law matters

This course is approved for Centrelink student payments

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