10 things nobody tells you about being a paralegal


If you’re expecting paralegal work to be glamourous, full of action and exciting drama like you see on the television, take a step back. There’s no doubt that working as a paralegal exposes you to an exciting job sector and you’ll have the opportunity to work with some interesting people. But it’s better to understand […]

Preparing for life as a paralegal


Work as a paralegal is a step-up from an admin role. Paralegals are expected to work long hours, learn fast, and keep their cool under pressure. Legal roles get glamorised on television thanks to shows like Law & Order and Suits. Though some aspects portrayed on them about life in the legal field are true, […]

Choosing where to work as a paralegal

choosing paralegal

A paralegal-to-be is exposed to different areas of law during their studies including: criminal, civil and property law. These units and others like them are compulsory units of a Certificate IV and Diploma. Choosing where to work is daunting and these courses at least cover the bases to prepare students for the challenge they’re about […]

Where you can work as a paralegal

After completing your course in legal services, you might wonder where to go from there. Despite the title, not all paralegals work in a legal office. The areas where a paralegal can work varies and there are some industries you won’t expect to find one. Corporate Large firms and businesses will have their own legal department. […]

What You Learn in a Diploma of Legal Services


Training.gov.au describes the Diploma as preparation for: “planning and carrying out work in a legal context in accordance with legislation, regulations and codes of practice relevant to the different jurisdictions.” To better understand what this mean, we’ve written the basic explanation about the areas covered in the certificate below. Understanding different laws The law modules […]

Advancing as a Paralegal in Three Steps


  Advancing in your career is a natural thing to do, but it doesn’t happen by chance. You have to put in a certain amount of effort to get to the next stage. Other people want to advance as well, and it’s up to you to stand out that little bit more. You can go […]