I want a job in law to make a difference

I want a job

  I want a job is a common exclamation, and there’s many ways to end this sentence. I want a job: That makes a lot of money That will take me around the world Because I don’t like not working That makes a difference These reasons can get thrown around in the legal field, but […]

How legal secretary courses get your foot in the door

legal secretary courses

Legal secretary courses are pathways to a new career, and therefore a fresh slate. RTOs like Melissa Mahoney Legal College provide a flexible learning option for students  who have no time to take a course the ‘traditional way’. It’s hard to get a foot in the door when you have so much going on in […]

Mistakes to avoid during your legal administration course

legal administration course mistakes

A legal administration course is your chance to change careers or start your first one right out of school. It’s natural to feel excited and apprehensive, but sometimes those emotions can cloud your decisions. This point, and the others listed below, are what you must be mindful of if you want to succeed in your […]

Business administration legal courses disrupting traditional learning

business administration legal

Business administration legal courses are interrupting the traditional way of learning in both education and the legal sector. Providers like Melissa Mahoney Legal College are unapologetically paving a path that wasn’t accessible to some in the past. Dictionary.com defines disruption as ‘a radical change in an industry, business strategy, etc., especially involving the introduction of […]

What You Learn in a Diploma of Legal Services


Training.gov.au describes the Diploma as preparation for: “planning and carrying out work in a legal context in accordance with legislation, regulations and codes of practice relevant to the different jurisdictions.” To better understand what this mean, we’ve written the basic explanation about the areas covered in the certificate below. Understanding different laws The law modules […]

Ways of Sticking To Your Online Course

It’s difficult to find the motivation to study in the real world. In the self-paced online one, it’s a bit harder. Courses are advertised with the promise that students can “study on their own time” during a set period. This can set up some to fail, as they lag behind and the work piles up. […]

What Will I Learn in Business Administration?

Working in law presents many challenges and being educated is key. This applies to all positions in the field, from a lawyer to a legal assistant. A particular bachelor’s degree is not required to be an assistant but completing a certification will certainly build up on existing skills and teach students what is required in […]