I want a job in law to make a difference

I want a job

  I want a job is a common exclamation, and there’s many ways to end this sentence. I want a job: That makes a lot of money That will take me around the world Because I don’t like not working That makes a difference These reasons can get thrown around in the legal field, but […]

Choosing where to work as a paralegal

choosing paralegal

A paralegal-to-be is exposed to different areas of law during their studies including: criminal, civil and property law. These units and others like them are compulsory units of a Certificate IV and Diploma. Choosing where to work is daunting and these courses at least cover the bases to prepare students for the challenge they’re about […]

Finding a Legal Traineeship


Starting from the bottom means getting your foot in the door, and chances are a couple of hundred other prospective trainees have the same idea. Law is a competitive field no matter the level you’re on. There are some steps you can take, though, to get that legal traineeship before everyone else. School/TAFE/College contacts Most […]