You need these skills to impress legal recruiters (and their clients)

legal recuiters

Legal recruiters have a tough job, sorting through applicants and deciding who gets to move on to the interview stage. You make an initial impression with your resume, listing your skills and more positive attributes. These are the skills that make you look good on paper.   Observant It’s the little details that matter, ones […]

Why students want to work at McInnes Wilson

mcinnes wilson

McInnes Wilson is an Australian law firm headquartered in Brisbane with offices in the other capital cities. Graduates and aspiring legal professionals dream of making their way into this company. But what makes MCW such a great place to work in the first place? They invest in their people, for one. McInnes Wilson provides in-house […]

How legal secretary courses get your foot in the door

legal secretary courses

Legal secretary courses are pathways to a new career, and therefore a fresh slate. RTOs like Melissa Mahoney Legal College provide a flexible learning option for students  who have no time to take a course the ‘traditional way’. It’s hard to get a foot in the door when you have so much going on in […]

How legal administration works

legal administration

Legal administration makes the seemingly impossible happen on short notice. Clients think that law offices are run by attorneys, partners, and themselves (who else pays the bills?). It’s the admin team of junior and executive assistants, though, who keep the show going.   Getting a job in legal admin To work as an admin assistant […]

Law College Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane…

‘Law college Sydney’, ‘Law college Melbourne’, ‘Law college Brisbane’; there’s few institutes that can cater to students Australia-wide. Even when students do find a certified provider, the options aren’t known for their flexibility. Off-campus, online When you type in search terms, like ‘law college Sydney’, Google comes back with results local to the Sydney area. […]