Mistakes to avoid during your legal administration course

legal administration course mistakes

A legal administration course is your chance to change careers or start your first one right out of school. It’s natural to feel excited and apprehensive, but sometimes those emotions can cloud your decisions. This point, and the others listed below, are what you must be mindful of if you want to succeed in your […]

Law colleges changing lives and careers

law colleges

Law colleges open their doors (or their student portals) to everyone wanting to make a change. We’re not talking about changing the world in general; just people wanting to make a change in theirs. Law colleges vary in size and type, but their ‘mission statements’ are similar. They exist to enhance the skills of legal […]

How legal administration works

legal administration

Legal administration makes the seemingly impossible happen on short notice. Clients think that law offices are run by attorneys, partners, and themselves (who else pays the bills?). It’s the admin team of junior and executive assistants, though, who keep the show going.   Getting a job in legal admin To work as an admin assistant […]

Why students take a legal administration course


A legal administration course prepares students for an entry level job in the legal field or brushes up their skills in higher level positions. This blog will explain the whys, the whats and the hows of these courses. What’s a legal administration course? People who aspire to work in law don’t always want to do […]