You need these skills to impress legal recruiters (and their clients)

legal recuiters

Legal recruiters have a tough job, sorting through applicants and deciding who gets to move on to the interview stage. You make an initial impression with your resume, listing your skills and more positive attributes. These are the skills that make you look good on paper.   Observant It’s the little details that matter, ones […]

I want a job in law to make a difference

I want a job

  I want a job is a common exclamation, and there’s many ways to end this sentence. I want a job: That makes a lot of money That will take me around the world Because I don’t like not working That makes a difference These reasons can get thrown around in the legal field, but […]

Five potential jobs after finishing your legal services course

legal services course

  Your legal services course will provide you with the extra skills you need to knock down those more complicated tasks. If you’re already employed within the sector, the Diploma of Legal Services shows employees you take your job seriously. If not, it’s an excellent foot in the door for your new career.   Any […]