6 ways to be remembered when your legal traineeship ends

legal traineeship

Your legal traineeship is your first real foray into a law office; it’s also your first and ONLY time to make a good impression. When the experience ends, you want the staff to remember you. Better yet, it would be great if they offered you a full-time position when study is over. That only happens, […]

Three little-known facts about McKays Solicitors

mckays solicitors

  When you’re Googling for jobs in law firms, you might come across McKays Solicitors in the results. They might not be the first place you think of when considering work experience. It has, though, grown from small offices in regional Queensland to a large firm with statewide reach.   They’ve got a heart-wrenching backstory […]

I want a job in law to make a difference

I want a job

  I want a job is a common exclamation, and there’s many ways to end this sentence. I want a job: That makes a lot of money That will take me around the world Because I don’t like not working That makes a difference These reasons can get thrown around in the legal field, but […]

Five potential jobs after finishing your legal services course

legal services course

  Your legal services course will provide you with the extra skills you need to knock down those more complicated tasks. If you’re already employed within the sector, the Diploma of Legal Services shows employees you take your job seriously. If not, it’s an excellent foot in the door for your new career.   Any […]

Law College Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane…

‘Law college Sydney’, ‘Law college Melbourne’, ‘Law college Brisbane’; there’s few institutes that can cater to students Australia-wide. Even when students do find a certified provider, the options aren’t known for their flexibility. Off-campus, online When you type in search terms, like ‘law college Sydney’, Google comes back with results local to the Sydney area. […]