Why students want to work at McInnes Wilson

mcinnes wilson

McInnes Wilson is an Australian law firm headquartered in Brisbane with offices in the other capital cities. Graduates and aspiring legal professionals dream of making their way into this company. But what makes MCW such a great place to work in the first place?

They invest in their people, for one. McInnes Wilson provides in-house training and there’s a graduate/clerkship program to help entry-level employees move up. This includes first-hand experience working in legal teams on active cases in a paid capacity. Glassdoor reviews from people currently working at the firm sing nothing but praises about its positive work culture and how approachable everyone is. There’s also awards nights, breakfasts, and social clubs that encourage employees to interact with each other. Making a work friend is healthy, after all, and makes going into the office something to look forward to.

McInnes Wilson is a large firm that has many areas of practice. The variety ensures there’s never a boring day. Paralegals who finished their Diploma in Legal Services can work in areas like education, real estate, and even entertainment. Having transferrable skills from a previous career would be helpful, but for young people starting out in law this is a great chance to apply your passion to your job. If you like property, you can try working for a lawyer in the real estate division, for example.

McInnes Wilson say that social responsibility is an important part of their ethos and encourage employees to give time to pro-bono work. The McInnes Wilson Lawyers Corporate Social Responsibility Program provides legal services to the disadvantaged through non-profit organisations.

Law grads and those aspiring to work in the sector look to firms like McInnes Wilson to provide a fulfilling career. It’s a firm that knows that people are its greatest asset and takes steps to invest in them. This ranges from Friday breakfasts to training programs. The diverse areas of practice means there’s plenty of opportunities to work, as well.