How legal secretary courses get your foot in the door

legal secretary courses

Legal secretary courses are pathways to a new career, and therefore a fresh slate. RTOs like Melissa Mahoney Legal College provide a flexible learning option for students  who have no time to take a course the ‘traditional way’. It’s hard to get a foot in the door when you have so much going on in your life already.

Personal circumstances dictate much of what we do. Single parents who care for their children, those already working full-time and high school students not ready for uni are just some types who enrol in legal secretary courses. They have aspirations to work in the industry but don’t have the right qualification to get started. This is where a Certificate III in Business Admin (Legal) comes in handy. Students will learn the necessary skills they need to efficiently work in a law office.

Melissa Mahoney Legal College also recommends taking on some work experience. As well as getting your foot in the door with a potential employer, you’ll get valuable training. It doesn’t have to take up your whole week, but one or two days alongside your studies will look good on your resume.

As a legal secretary, you’re expected to handle a myriad of jobs at once. If you volunteer at a charity, work as a JP, have some work experience and study on top of other commitments, this is a great way to stand out. It shows you’re organised and take your commitments seriously.

People enrol in legal secretary courses to get their foot in the legal industry door. It suits anyone, from full-time high school students to single parents. It teaches the skills someone needs to work at the entry level in law, and the only way from there is up. Enrol in your course, get some work experience and get ready for your exciting new career.


Melissa-MahoneyHaving worked in the recruitment industry since 1997 and launching Melissa Mahoney Recruitment in 2004, Melissa identified a need for dedicated training within the legal industry. Melissa Mahoney Legal College was established as a Registered Training Organisation in September 2006. The college offers quality, online and external training specifically focused on the legal secretarial / paralegal market.

Melissa is passionate about assisting others to achieve the recognition they deserve. She finds great satisfaction in providing assistance with training, and helping others achieve their qualifications, ultimately reaching their career goals. Melissa is well qualified and experienced in assisting others with career advice and facilitating career change.

Mm legal college
Mm legal college