Kelsey Hamilton-Smith completes Certificate III in Business Administration (Legal)


Kelsey Hamilton-Smith enrolled with us to complete the Certificate III in Business Administration (Legal) on 27 July 2020 under the Certificate 3 Guarantee program. Committing to complete this course on a full time basis, Kelsey was awarded successful completion on 17 September 2020 – an amazing achievement!

When asked what she enjoyed most about this course, Kelsey said:
“Completing this course through Melissa Mahoney Legal College was an exceptional experience. I have gained so much knowledge that is extremely relevant to real world application. The constant support, advice and feedback added the element of having a supervisor to report to, as in any legal career. The ‘office’ environment of the course provided a formal experience of a legal career, while the online nature of the course allowed for study at my own leisure. Truly well thought-out and prepared content that kickstarts you for a career in the field of law. The tasks were clearly explained and I was always aware of what was required of me to achieve a competent result.”

Congratulations Kelsey! An inspirational effort and accomplishment.