Build a legal career you’re proud of

legal career

Your legal career doesn’t have to follow the ‘traditional’ route: law school, career, retirement. You have the power and more options compared to fifty or so years ago. There’s a difference between just working the daily 9-5 and doing something that truly resonates with you.



To build any career, legal or otherwise, you need to educate yourself. Not all legal pathways come from university. Whether you’re fresh out of high school, or changing jobs later in life, access to education has never been easier than in the present day.

This is thanks to online courses. They’re a major disruption to traditional education and they’re a point of pride for the students that take them. Doing a course online shows you have discipline, the drive to complete something you see yourself doing for years to come.


Your values

In legal, some are driven by money and the amount of cases they can win. Others are driven by morals and a genuine desire to make a difference. Paralegals and lawyers dedicate part of their time to pro bono causes. This is done mostly through their firm, which often has partnerships with local charities and other organisations.

Where you work is most definitely a source of pride. And if the workplace values align with yours, then you’ve won the jackpot. You should feel like you belong in the workplace, not like  someone just passing through.


Your work methods

Are you known for your strong work ethic? Do you get jobs done efficiently and go that little bit extra without being asked? People pay attention to these things and it’ll help you build a good reputation during your legal career.


Your legacy

What do you want to be known for when you retire from your legal career? For saving the planet? For helping the less fortunate?

Having long-term goals gives you something to focus on. Don’t focus on where you can get your next job. Look at how your current one helps you achieve something meaningful.


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