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BSB31015 Certificate III in Business Administration (Legal)

$207.50 per month over 12 months



Course Costs & Payment:

Private Students (not eligible for Certificate 3 Guarantee)
Total cost of course: $2,490.00
(Upon enrolment $207.50 is payable to commence course and access course content. 11 subsequent payments of $207.50 are payable each month from months 2-12 via direct debit/credit)

Private Students (eligible for Certificate 3 Guarantee)
Non-concessional students: $494.00 / $38.00 per unit
Concessional students: $130.00 / $10.00 per unit
(Upon enrolment, co-contribution payment is required in full)

Total cost of course when Government funding is accessible: $1,700.00 (payable upon enrolment)
Total cost of course when undertaken as Fee for Service arrangement: $2,490.00 (payable upon enrolment)

Course Dates & Timeframe:
Offered as external/distance, on-line study
Enrol and commence this course at any time
Up to 12 months to complete this qualification

Course pre-requisite:
There are no pre-requisites required to undertake this qualification.

Course Requirements:
To successfully complete and obtain this qualification, a student is required to complete 13 units of competency. These 13 competencies are clustered in a meaningful manner throughout the 10 tutorials. It is essential that a student has dedicated internet access as well as Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint to complete their studies.

BSBITU307 Develop keyboarding speed and accuracy
BSBWHS201 Contribute to health and safety of self and others
BSBLEG301 Apply knowledge of the legal system to complete tasks
BSBLEG303 Deliver court documentation
BSBLEG304 Apply the principles of confidentiality and security within the legal environment
BSBLEG305 Use legal terminology in order to carry out tasks
BSBLEG306 Maintain records for time and disbursements in a legal practice
BSBLEG308 Assist in prioritising and planning activities in a legal practice
BSBINM303 Handle receipt and despatch of information
BSBADM307 Organise schedules
BSBITU302 Create electronic presentations
BSBITU306 Design and produce business documents
BSBWRT301 Write simple documents

This course is approved for Centrelink student payments

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**Refer to Student Handbook and online Terms and Conditions for full details.
In extenuating circumstances, MMLC will consider extensions for study for private students, however this is at the discretion of the CEO (up to 3 months for the Certificate III in Business Administration (Legal) and up to 6 months for both the Certificate IV in Legal Services and the Diploma of Legal Services). Under traineeship arrangements, extensions for training contract terms are not the responsibility of MMLC. Requests for extensions need to be made direct with the relevant government department.